Canadian Half Marathon 10Km and 5Km runs

2019-08-31 • Wylie Ryan Surf and Turf - Waders

11 Participants • 5 Women • 6 Men

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Comp.BIBNameCategoryOfficial Time
466Mark RASPOPOVM800:05:49.5
453Keon GORENDARM800:05:49.6
459Brams LESWICKM600:05:51.6
463Rose PEARCEF600:06:49.2
454Hayden HEBERTF600:06:52.5
452Theo DE BOERM400:06:55.8
451Natalia DE BOERF500:06:55.8
455Roan HEBERTM400:07:14.0
457Quinn JAKUBINEKF300:07:58.2
458Jane LESWICKF400:08:45.2

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