Défi Tour du lac Delage

2020-01-19 • 4 km

22 Participants • 14 Women • 8 Men

Average Time: 00:37:37
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
715Shawn-William MotardM13-1911100:17:07.6
720David RousseauM40-4922100:18:22.0
727Franky GlodeM40-4933200:19:51.8
718Catherine ChalifouxF20-2941100:19:58.2
728William GlodeM13-1954200:20:28.9
719Valerie Hotton-PaquetF40-4962100:20:54.5
709Eliot Caron-LoryM13-1975300:24:05.5
977Xavier MorencyM13-1986400:24:18.8
712Celine LoryF40-4993200:24:22.1
714Marie-Lou MorelF40-49104300:24:30.6
729Merylie GiguereF30-39115100:25:47.0
713Lisa-Marie MasseF40-49126400:27:17.9
711Chantal LessardF40-49137500:28:09.5
726Sandra BonnellyF40-49148600:28:28.6
708Nadia BoissonneaultF40-49159700:28:28.8
716Lucie PerrasF50-591610100:30:29.5
717Doris ViensF30-391711200:30:35.6
723Eric FortinM40-49187301:23:38.1
725Beatrice FortinF13-191912101:23:38.2
721Justine FortinF13-192013201:23:44.6
724Marie-Helene BilodeauF40-492114801:23:46.1
722Gilles GosselinM60-69228101:23:48.1

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Name: Défi Tour du lac Delage
Date: 2020-01-19
Location: Lac-Delage, QC
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