Around the Bay 30K Road Race

2021-03-25 • Virtual- 3 Person Relay - 30 km

31 Participants • 25 Women • 6 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. Placeleg-1leg-2leg-3Official Time
6002Team Are We Done Yet???RELAY01:25:1100:04:30
6003Team Band Of BrothersRELAY01:01:50
6004Team Beauties And The BeastRELAY01:00:5400:07:39
6007Team Between Walk And A Hard PaceRELAY
6011Team Canadian Globe TrottersRELAY
6017Team I Thought This Was A 6kRELAY
6018Team Innes Lambert KnudsenRELAY00:38:38
6019Team IronmomsRELAY00:59:40
6021Team TrilogyRELAY01:25:0000:04:00
6023Team Kevednice RunnersRELAY01:06:09
6024Team Mind Over MilesRELAY01:01:46
6026Team Not Fast Not FuriousRELAY
6027Team Pandemic RunnersRELAY00:58:0000:02:2800:09:58
6028Team Pete's PalsRELAY00:56:4800:02:03
6029Team Premier MenRELAY01:05:57
6030Team Retrain Your BrainRELAY01:14:59
6032Team Road RebelsRELAY01:08:01
6034Team Rum RunnersRELAY
6037Team Slow And SteadyRELAY01:35:13
6038Team Sole CareRELAY00:57:2600:06:11
6042Team AwesomeRELAY
6044Team CRELAY
6048Team The Bond GirlsRELAY01:01:24
6049Team The Coyote QueensRELAY01:14:17
6055Team The Thriving TeamRELAY01:01:48
6057Team Tight Butts And Sweaty NutsRELAY
6058Team Trans4mationRELAY00:58:10
6059Team Two Lawyers Walk Into A Bar Chased By ARELAY01:10:3100:07:26
6060Team We Thought They Said RumRELAY
6061Team We'd Rather Be BikingRELAY01:02:02
6062Team Wounded Weekend WarriorsRELAY01:08:4300:11:56

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