Gatineau Loppet édition virtuelle - Virtual Edition

2021-02-13 • 2 KM Mini

52 Participants • 23 Women • 29 Men

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NameCategoryRankOfficial Timediscipline
Benjamin RahbarM19-00:10:17.0Ski de fond
Muriel WrayF19-00:15:42.0Ski de fond
Anna WrayF19-00:18:07.0Ski de fond
Magali LemeleF19-00:20:41.0Ski de fond
Miguel CroteauM19-00:20:41.0Ski de fond
Sebastian Yepez-HuertasM19-00:21:01.0Ski de fond
Maeva CroteauF19-00:21:42.0Ski de fond
Tristan CroteauM19-00:21:42.0Ski de fond
Roxanne MichaudF19-00:22:50.0Ski de fond
Florence BrunetF19-00:24:36.0Ski de fond
Yoan GuggM19-00:26:55.0Ski de fond
Gavin HeissM19-00:27:20.0Ski de fond
Paul D'allaireM19-00:22:04.0Ski de fond
Myra MacKinnonF19-00:28:00.0Ski de fond
Margot GauthierF19-00:29:07.0Ski de fond
�liot MichaudM19-00:29:45.0Ski de fond
Charlie GariepyF19-00:30:58.0Ski de fond
Ava HeissF19-00:31:03.0Ski de fond
Maverick BernardM19-00:31:18.0Ski de fond
Cataleya IdeusF19-00:34:13.0Ski de fond
Walter MichalekM19-00:48:00.0Ski de fond
Damien GariepyM19-00:50:34.0Ski de fond
Ava HirschornF19-00:57:00.0Ski de fond
Colby HirschornM19-00:57:00.0Ski de fond
George EnosM19-00:53:55.0Ski de fond
Madiran MatteM19-01:00:00.0Ski de fond
Charles SmithM19-01:00:00.0Ski de fond
Clara SmithF19-01:00:00.0Ski de fond
Minka CaiF19-01:05:20.0Ski de fond
Minzhu CaiM19-01:05:20.0Ski de fond
Rylan GrahamM19-01:15:00.0Ski de fond
Mathilde LafranceF19-01:15:00.0Ski de fond
Albert LafranceM19-01:15:00.0Ski de fond
Solange LafranceF19-01:15:00.0Ski de fond
�lliot RobinM19-01:36:52.0Ski de fond
Audrey Dufour-JolyF19-00:12:44.0Fat Bike
Thomas Dufour-JolyM19-00:13:23.0Fat Bike
Megan AtkinsonF19-00:15:32.0Ski de fond
Nathan AtkinsonM19-00:16:11.0Ski de fond
Audrey Dufour-JolyF19-00:16:11.0Cross-country ski

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