Hobble Gobble Prediction Run

2022-11-19 • Long Course- By Prediction

99 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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WatchBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placedifference
54Michael Campbell40-491110:00:10
216Reilly Pierce20-302210:00:25
84Shawn Spriggs40-493320:00:41
118Allen Kelly60-694410:00:47
173Joe DuPre50-595510:00:49
226Miranda Corbine30-39661
221KRisten Betrus40-497730:01:08
170Charlie Shene60-698820:01:08
68Tonya Egan40-499940:01:19
135Sarah Lister30-3910102
179Jude Ducharme60-6911113
184Kimberly French40-4912125
166Aiden Rodriguez-Doyle10-19131310:02:19
117Mary Kelly60-69141440:03:13
153Victoria Lederer30-39151530:03:13
134Alena Bicknell50-5916162
175Kelsey O'Shea30-39171740:03:14
140Lauren Diamond-Brown30-3918185
178Erica Preston30-39191960:04:58
244Kim Bouchard202010:05:24
45Stephanie Plaisted40-4921216
183Stacey Howlett50-59222230:05:55
222Lindy Betrus10-19232320:06:46
28Ethan Fiorentino20-3024242
29Mike Fiorentino50-5925254
246Mollie Ladouceur26262
158Barbara Fieldson60-6927275
96Annette LaGoy60-6928286
1Allyse Pierce30-39
2Derry Loucks70+
4Nancy Griffin60-69
8Julia Stevenson30-39
13Adrienne Hartman60-69
14Moriah Warren30-39
16Mark Helmer70+
17Patricia Liddle70+
18Martin Helmer70+
21Nancy Skiff70+
23Kelly Finnerty50-59
30Debbie McDonald50-59

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